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Construction Workers


Within the COLLab, our research can extend beyond defined categories, capturing the essence of innovation and adaptability in diverse domains. Some projects, while not easily confined to conventional labels, contribute significantly to expanding the boundaries of the teams and organizational literature. 

Current Projects

Safety Training Meta-Analysis: This project is a comprehensive review and meta-anlayiss of safety training research across industries to determine how effective it is at improving workplace safety and its drivers (ex. knowldge and motivation to be safe).

Job Embeddedness in Healthcare Teams: This project is a comprehensive review of job embeddedness literautre, outlining antecedents and outcomes. Designed in mind to provide recomendations for healthcare leaders to foster job embeddedness and support work/wellbeing outcomes.

Implicit Team Theories (ITT): The goal of this project is develop and validate a scale to measure implicit team theories, or underlying ideas about the characteristics of 'good' and 'bad' teammates. We hope this tool can be leveraged to aid team composition efforts

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